Motivational and positive in everything that he does, speaker, coach and author Dalton Beckles is called to help others Dream, Believe, Act and Achieve success.  Dalton takes his lived and shared experiences and connects with people on a level that motivates others to envision success.  With a clinical background in the mental health field, Dalton has a passion for helping others find hope when all around seems hopeless.   

Dalton is the author of Leverage To Win: Key relationships all men need to succeed. He also uses the motto “Envision Success” whenever he is called to speak or coach. Envision Success is a movement he started in order to shift the thought process from failure to success.  Prior to his focus as a motivational speaker, he worked in nonprofit community mental health and provided outpatient therapy through his business New Hope Clinical Services LLC. Dalton holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Andrews University and is a Certified Life Coach. 

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